The theme of protection of water objects always was and will be вы со ко пр ио ри те тн ой. At federal level it is expressed in one of last documents - Water strategy of the Russian Federation to 2020 [1]. With a view of water improvement of quality in water objects, restoration of water ecosystems and recreational potential of water objects the decision of the basic “problem” problems is required:

  • Reduction of anthropogenous influence on water objects and their water modular territories;

  • Prevention of degradation of the small rivers;

  • Protection and prevention of pollution of underground water objects.

For restoration and protection, and also as prime actions anthropogenous influence dispersed (ди фф уз но го) a drain is necessary to reduce arrangements of the small rivers, to restore self-clearing ability of the rivers, to realize a complex of actions for ecological rehabilitation of the small rivers in cities and rural settlements. One of strategic targets is allocated: «protection and restoration of water objects to a condition providing ecologically favorable living conditions of the population, assume the decision of some problems on decrease in anthropogenous loading on water objects, protection of underground waters from pollution, rehabilitation of water objects and liquidation of the saved up ecological harm [1].

Strategy provides realization of the actions directed on restoration of water objects and liquidation of the saved up ecological damage.

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