This text was first submitted to the 2009 International Petroleum Technology Conference in Doha, Qatar where it gained an award, placed third for Excellence in Project Integration.

Some doubted that a foreign company could do anything innovative to add value in Western Siberia. Yet, the story of Salym Petroleum Development demonstrates otherwise.

The Salym project shows how an oil company achieved fast-track development and rapid production growth. Not only were the Salym fields developed and produced at a breathtaking pace, but it was achieved in an environmentally and socially responsible way, benefiting the local community.

At project commencement the mandate was tough: design and build the entire oilfield including infrastructure, early oil production of 0.75 million barrels and start full scale production all within 26 months, in an unfamiliar, remote and challenging environment. Projects of this scope normally take four years.

Production has since exceeded 160,000 bpd, an unprecedented development rate in the heartland of the Russian oil industry. How? By combining Shell’s expertise and technologies with Russia’s vast regional experience to get the best results. Most importantly, SPD adopted the philosophy that success comes from enduring, positive relationships with employees, partners, contractors, shareholders, government authorities and members of the community – partnerships where everyone wins.

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