Safety has been one of the most critical areas calling for rapid and fundamental improvement in the global Exploration and Production sector over the recent decades. This has resulted in recognized industry examples of outstanding safety excellence that enabled some companies to go up to five consecutive years or more without a lost time injury because they have done an excellent job of engineering and guarding their plants and equipment, providing personal protective equipment and training employees in safer systems and procedures.

Although there are unquestionable reasons behind a safety focused oil and gas production including tragic events of lost lives and ruined businesses that were caused by poor safety management and lack of safety leadership in the past, not too many companies have managed to embrace and exercise safety through every day practical commitment and action. This might seem and really does become even more difficult in the harsh environment of the Western Siberia oilfield with its inherited safety standards and widely spread risk taking practices. And that is exactly the challenge being faced by the company.

Our experience suggests that there are key success factors but also some misconceptions and undervalued opportunities for making a difference in safety as proven by our own operations.

The main purpose of the paper is to share company's learnings from implemented Goal Zero Must Win framework. The currently taken approach can be divided in three mainstreams aimed at: 1) behavior change -inspired by the company leadership who enable and encourage “compliance and intervention” culture whereby safety becomes positive, proactive and natural; 2) delivery against focused action plans - associated with high risk areas with biggest exposure, project oriented and led by the company management team members; 3) life saving rules - communicated, embedded and enforced.

We hope that experience shared will serve as a practical guide and best practice source for those companies working in the Russian Federation that put the goal of “No harm to People” as their number one priority.

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