Horizontal and maximum reservoir contact (MRC) wells are intended to increase productivity and minimize water production due to water conning. Their complex geometry makes cleaning up of drilling fluids filter cake a difficult task. It is hard to distribute the acid uniformly over long horizontal sections. Poor acid distribution occurs during matrix acidizing. Coiled tubing cannot reach the total depth of the well because of some limitations such as large washouts, length of the reel and diameter of the coil, which make acidizing horizontal wells ineffective. Available chemical methods of removing filter cake like mineral acids, esters, oxidizers, chelating agents, and enzymes are limited at certain conditions.

This paper introduces a new method for filter cake cleaning using a self-destructing water-based fluid to drill long horizontal and MRC wells, which results in higher productivity. This fluid is a water-based mud that is weighted with calcium carbonate and has both functions of drilling and completion fluids, can reach total depth of MRC wells. It has the ability to effectively stimulate the whole horizontal sections after drilling. This can result in significant cost savings by elimination of acidizing using coiled tubing or any other means and improvement in filter cake removal and thus enhances performance of the treated wells.

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