A gas bearing carbonate reservoir has been under development in Saudi Arabia to exploit the nonassociated gas to meet the robust increase in gas demand. Initial penetrations showed reservoir heterogeneity with several gas-water contacts (GWCs), variation in reservoir pressure, presence of faults/channels, and H2S content and condensate yield. All these factors made it hard to meet the target developmental plans with conventional reservoir exploitation techniques. Therefore, several delineation wells were initially drilled to assess reservoir boundaries and resulted in an upside potential increase in reserves. Gas producing wells were placed based on calibrated 3D seismic impedance and simulation runs. Several strategies have been used to drill these wells targeting the best reservoir development, such as dual lateral, geo steering, horizontal and extended reach wells. Other technologies like multistage horizontal fracturing and underbalanced coiled tubing drilling (UBCTD) were so effective to enhance the wells' productivity from poorly developed and tight reservoirs. One main obstacle was to drill wells in populated areas and finding a more reasonable surface location that provides the most cost-effective drilling operations. This paper will address all these challenges been faced during the initial field development and the technologies and methodologies been used to achieve full field development and meeting the target gas production. Several field cases will be discussed in detail covering geological interpretation, simulation runs, drilling/completion operations, stimulation, production performance, and reservoir management. These strategies were found so effective in developing this gas field, that they are currently being implemented in other fields that will be put on production during the incoming business plan cycle. These strategies helped to confirm field boundaries, identify multiple GWCs, avoid areas dominated with water encroachment, optimize reservoir depletion, and extend production plateau.

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