This paper describes the further development of a real-time directional drilling digital interface (DDDI) that dynamically illustrates many aspects of the directional drilling process, specifically those that apply to positive displacement downhole drilling motors (PDM), rotary steerable systems (RSS), and motor driven rotary steerable systems (MD-RSS) while operating downhole.

The ongoing development of advanced drilling engineering packages and intelligent downhole drilling tools provides increasing amounts of available drilling-related data. The DDDI uses data supplied by means of an existing real-time, rigsitebased drilling information acquisition and database system to help to address many of the challenges encountered during directional drilling. The interface processes data based on engineering models, empirical knowledge, and technical data; it presents dynamic operating parameter information and graphical representations of functioning downhole drilling equipment. Subject matter experts located in diverse global areas can remotely access the interface to observe and to contribute to multiple drilling applications.

This paper provides details about the further development of the existing interface and its application to better optimize the real-time directional drilling process and to promote a balanced downhole system approach. The results have included reduced drilling equipment wear and damage, greater reliability, and reduced drilling costs.

In addition to downhole motor and rotary steerable system applications, the DDDI was used during downhole motor-driven rotary steerable system (MD-RSS) operations; benefits were realized through the simultaneous monitoring of both rotary steerable tools and PDMs.

After achieving real-time benefits in diverse global locations through the additional technical capabilities of the enhanced version of the DDDI, the potential benefits of a Russian language version were identified. The Russian language version enhanced the collaboration between English- and Russian-speaking personnel.

The most recent DDDI version aids in the comprehensive conceptualization, reporting, and control of directional drilling operations. It has a positive effect on the overall drilling process and expands the technical knowledge base, which provides additional support of the directional drilling expert system objective.

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