Two-dimensional modelling of oil-and gas generation history aimed at estimating oil-and gas potential of Paleozoic deposit have been carried out within understudied territory of the north-west of the Siberian platform. The structural imaging data and the results of the geochemical investigations of organic matter such as Rock-Eval pyrolysis, the analysis of the elemental composition of kerogen, the measurements of vitrinite reflectance in coaly inclusions of Upper Paleozoic rocks, the study of biomarker hydrocarbons distribution have been used in the research.

This report presents the results of stratigraphic formation thickness analysis with the use of geological survey, drilling, seismic prospecting data; the results of basin modelling and reservoir properties data analysis. The necessity of further detailed study of oil-and gas accumulation zone, adjoining to the Lama-Khantaika trough, has been founded.

The results achieved make it possible to carry out reconstruction of oil-and gas generation history, estimate resource base and justify the priority directions of licensing within the undistributed fund of the north-west of the Siberian platform.

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