The Sakhalin oil and gas area occupying the territory of Sakhalin Island and the water area of the adjacent shelf includes completely or partially the range of sedimentary basins (Fig. 1): North-Sakhalinsky, South-Sakhalinsky, Deryuginsky (the western board), West-Sakhalinsky (the eastern board). The oil explorations began in the region nearly 100 years ago and by the end of the last century there was established the industrial oil-and-gas content of the North-Sakhalinsky (1911), the South-Sakhalinsky (1971) and the West- Sakhalinsky (1986) basins. The vast majority of the deposits (70 from 75) were explored in the structures of the North-Sakhalinsky basin. Four small deposits of gas were opened in the structures of the Anivsky anticline zone in the territorial part of the South-Sakhalinsky basin, the small gas deposit was prospected in the West-Sakhalinsky basin on the per-sakhalinsky shelf. Just the first well bores drilled in the shelf in the North-Sakhalinsky basin provided the great openings (within the period of 1977-1979). In the ensuring 15 years, the large gas-condensate-oil deposits, as well as the unique oil-gas-condensate deposit were opened, on the basis of which there had been created the projects on oil and gas production, such as "Sakhalin-1?? and "Sakhalin-2?? Projects.

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