The proposed report presents an analysis of the effectiveness of enhanced oil recovery (EOR), performed on the fields Western Siberian region in the period from 2002 to 2009. Analysis reached more than 1000 injection wells and processed about 5000 producing wells.

According to the analysis of the effectiveness of EOR determining geological parameters are partition factor and directional permeability of the reservoir, it is shown that the increase in efficiency with increasing partition factor is due to increased duration of effect.

It is noted that the decrease in the effectiveness of EOR occurs with increasing development of oil reserves. It is shown that the effectiveness of the EOR is the highest in the base water cutting wells about 80%. It was found that a decisive influence on the effectiveness of EOR provides value target intensity water cutting of well production, which expresses the anticipation of the current average water cutting of well production from the current development of initially recoverable oil reserves, shows the degree of backwardness of waterflooding processes from the processes of water cutting of well production. The analysis showed the benefits of integrated technology EOR, different injection gel-forming and stimulation chemical compositions. The advantages are the increase in injectability of injection wells with decreasing water cutting of well production. In order to optimize the flow of reagents for each field revealed the dependence of the efficiency of EOR from specific volume of the margin, whereby determine the optimum value of this parameter.

To confirm these results, we have conducted work on mathematical modeling of the EOR, which agree well with practically the results.

The practical value of the executed analysis of fishing activities is considerably improved the accuracy of selection of technologies EOR as a direct composition of chemical reagents, and the volume pumped into injection wells tracks.

Based on the analysis it was concluded that work on the runway injection wells on the fields of Western Siberia have led to increased oil recovery;

This work has significantly clarified the criteria for effective use of technology EOR; To a large extent optimized specific volumes of injected chemical compositions.

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