The presented paper provides the analysis of international and Russian experience in organizing the Research and Design (R & D) support in oil and gas production processes, the systematized approach to management and development of Corporate oil and gas R & D institutions (referred to as R & D Co.), original methods and tools of management and development, matrix of decision making while choosing the model of R & D Co. development in oil and gas industry.

The objective to build a Comprehensive model of R & D Co. development is based upon a set of issues:

  • Definition of industrial stage, at which the decisions of R & D Co. are finally necessary to increase the production efficiency and to decrease the risks;

  • Definition of R & D Co. rate of influence upon the industrial parameters of oil and gas companies;

  • Definition of approaches to organize scientific and design support in oil and gas companies (dependent and independent R & D Co.);

  • Choice of principles in organizing corporate R & D Co. (regionally distributed, centralized, mixed);

  • Choice of organizational set-up of R & D Co., depending on a stage of its development;

  • Definition of pricing procedures for the services of R & D Co.;

  • Definition of stimulation procedures for the personnel of R & D Co.;

  • Choice of the most effective tools to manage the operation of R & D Co.

The solution of the given problem is concentrated around the development and description of separate models, each of which corresponds to an independent topic from the total number of common issues related to development of R & D Co. in oil and gas industry:

  • Industrial model;

  • Organizational model;

  • Economic model;

  • Personnel model;

  • Resource model;

  • Model of management.

While choosing a model of development for R & D Co. it is necessary to take the following features into account: strategy and stage of development, natural features of regional activity, technological features (presence of various competences), and complexity of performed projects R & D projects.

The given paper provides the recommendations in decision making in choosing a development model for R & D Co. in oil and gas industry depending on various factors. The practical application of results is considered at the basis of OC «ROSNEFT» operation.

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