In this paper the authors are providing a feasibility study of drilling multilateral wells (MLT) in Samotlor field. The main objective of MLT in Samotlor is to increase reservoir sweep and improve drilling economic effectiveness. To select priority targets a ranking was made through expert evaluation. The feasibility study was conducted for development targets based on sector dynamic models. Minimal required levels of MLT design complexity were chosen for MLT economic evaluation.

Work results allow taking a decision on the expediency of implementing MLT technology in the pilot block of Samotlor field, and also a range of additional efficiency of MLT wells versus horizontals wells (HW), depending on reservoir parameters.

The article provides a comparative analysis of HW and MLT performance efficiency. The paper includes conclusions on MLT technology efficiency, as well as MLT applicability limits for the Samotlor targets depending on reservoir parameters.

The criteria and approach used when appraising MLT can be applied to other fields.

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