Offshore stationary platforms for oil gas and recovery (OSP) are established on a continental shelf of the seas and oceans. In Azerbaijan wide development of sea oil fields on Caspian Sea has begun in the late forties with a construction of sea platforms and the individual island bases around "Neft Dashlary" and the "Gurgjany-sea".

Design OSP is possible to be classified to following features: on conditions of basing – pile, gravitational, pendular; on a material - metal, ferroconcrete, combined; on type - through and continuous. Now, on Caspian Sea the most widespread are OSP of pile design.

The basis pile OSP represents an underwater bearing spatial trellised design from the metal tubular elements, attached to a sea-bottom by means of piles. Piles provide perception of all external influences: waves, currents, a wind and operational loadings. Attached by means of piles to a sea-bottom the tower supports an artificial islet on which a derrick, workshops, a helicopter platform, premises and so forth are placed That, as a rule, are the unique expensive constructions reaching of depths 200 – 300 m and more, at width of the basis of an order of 70 m. Cost them, beginning approximately with depth of 60 m, grows proportionally to a depth square exhausting. And, cost of operational platforms with the equipment at development of deep-water deposits can make 50-60 % from an overall cost of arrangement of all deposit.

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