The problem of oil and gas content of the fractured reservoirs in the North Sakhalin has appeared at the beginning of the thirties years on the morrow of opening the natural oil shows in the Pogranichny downthrown block in argillo-siliceous deposits of the Pilengsky suite. The intensive degree of these displays (only in the area of Pogranichny settlement, there were discovered above 100 natural shows of mainly oil by means of the subsequent works), and the significant range of their spread permitted even then to make a proposal about the second (the lower-miocene) oil-and-gas bearing series in the section of the North Sakhalin.

The industrial oil content of this series (according to the present-day concepts, it is related to the upper oligocene) was established in 1971 by opening of the petroleum deposit in the fissured silicite of the Pilengsky suite at Okruzhnoye field.

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