Petroleum is essential component of our life but in spite of its great importance its recovery, transportation, processing and uses are all hazards to human health. Due to this reason and because of the very size and importance of petroleum industry, it is subjected to too much criticism. Therefore Health safety and environment has become an integral part of management policy of all the petroleum companies in order to implement corporate values and also to achieve business excellence.

In this regard the main philosophy and outlook pursued by the oil industry is aimed to not only minimize the harmful impacts of the industry on the human life and environment but also to maximize its beneficial aspects through the provision of comprehensive safety for its employees, facilities and equipments by the elimination of accidents and injuries through the removal of unsafe conditions and promotion of health and safety of individuals at all levels;and also the protection of environment as the greatest heritage of mankind.

In this paper a very important issue of health safety and environment is discussed which is given less importance but can cause serious accidents and fatalities. In this paper the management of a drug free work place is discussed along with its importance in creating healthy and safe working environment. It will also discuss that what type of steps are to be taken by the organization and the employees to help them remove the hazard which can be a source of great danger for them and environment.

In the end of the paper recommendations are given for having a drug free work place for contributing towards a sustainable development by having a clean and safe environment with a precautionary attitude by exercising responsible care.

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