One of the basic objects of exploration works and hydrocarbon extraction in Krasnodar territory in recent decades are Chokrak depositions in the northern edge of West Kuban Trough. About twenty light oil and gas condensate deposits were discovered there. In the 90’s and 2000’s the major scope of seismic studies and drilling activities were concentrated in this direction.

Most of the fields discovered are related to tectonic (disjunctive) faults and deformational traps. Genetically disjunctive tectonics is represented by listric faults having their roots in middle-upper Maikop and their flattening in Sarmatian-Meotic stratum. Faults have great influence both on deposit formation, and on the process of hydrocarbon extraction. It is necessary to understand and forecast fluid penetrating ability of disjunctive dislocations in order to create and improve geological models both during exploration works, and in the course of field development. The estimation of breakdown pressure value sufficient for tectonic disturbance fracturing can be also used during drilling of wells with a view of reducing risks of drilling mud loss and loss of circulation.

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