The goal of present study was to develop and test a new algorithm to selection proper artificial lift method for heavy oil production with sand control. We developed a Matrix of technologies for such oilfields using operating experience worldwide. For selected methods we defined production characteristics using Technology Application Template - a special tool which determines the most profitable artificial lift system based on net present value criteria. Solutions were implemented in North Komsomolskoe field located in Western Siberian basin.

Before performing calculations we defined the following:

  • Oilfield characteristics

  • Well parameters

  • Limitations of artificial lift methods

  • Operational expenses for each artificial lift method

Recommended methods were tested on vertical wells of North-Komsomolskoe oilfield pilot area and on remote horizontal well in the north part of the field. The highest rate was reached using progressing cavity pump on horizontal well. On vertical wells of pilot low productivity area gaslift and hydraulic jet pump (which are economicaly efficient) have been successfully tested.

This paper describes combined analytical and operational approach for complicate field development.

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