Example of integrated study including adapted laboratory research program and reservoir engineering is provided. Results received are to be of interest of reservoir engineers and geologists especially in view of numerous low permeable oil fields’ production in low-amplitude closures. Combination of independent analysis techniques allowed detecting undersaturated type of Tagai reservoir. Oil displacement efficieny test was realized under specified oil saturation similar to log interpretation results. Resulted displacement efficieny values allowed previous oil recovery factor reduction as well as recoverable reserves by 30 percent, the latest were approved by State Authorities in 2009. Description of saturation estimation technique with undersaturated reservoir laboratory model formation is provided in the paper as well as laboratory research program. Advanced field development experience and iterative laboratory research program resulted in atypical level of interaction between laboratory and engineering departments based on complex geology understanding and modern reservoir engineering methods. Especial importance of implemented laboratory research consists in conception of undersaturated reservoir estimation, modeling and field development planning because of their quantity and distribution underevaluation at least at West Siberia.

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