The selection of well candidates, planning and evaluation of hydro fracturing (HF) efficiency are based on the information from well log data. The technology of full wave acoustics logging, developed at Russian Gubkin State Oil&Gas university under the professor V. M. Dobrynin supervision [1] enables for single log run obtain the integrated information regardless the current formation properties, perforation interval and casing cement bond.

The acoustic technology is based on analyses of kinematics and dynamics parameters of main informative waves of acoustic field – compress ional, shear and Stonley waves. The data processing and interpretation are conducted by Kamerton computer system. The algorithmic basement of interpretation is modified Bio-Gassman model of differential elastic media.

The acoustic technology of HF information assistance consists of two acoustics logs – before and after HF. From the first log, before HF, following data are obtained: the current formation oil saturation, total and dynamic formation porosities, permeability, elastic-deformation rock properties, the power of hydrodynamic formation/well connectivity at perforation interval, cement bond quality. The second acoustic log is conducted after HF implementation. Based on the second run data the interval of rocks properties changes (due to HF) are determined, sections of rocks compaction and destruction are obtained, he changes in hydrodynamic formation/well connectivity are evaluated, the changes in cement bond conditions are estimated, the interval and azimuth of sub vertical HF fracture are estimated.

The practice of acoustic technology implementation `confirms there comprehension for different well conditions, for variable rock properties, and applicability for different types of acoustic devices-from the most simple three element zonde to the modern cross dipole zonde.

The rock properties changes due to HF implementation are favorable to study by acoustic.

The acoustic technology enables provide integrated characterization of current well and formation condition witch are necessary to check the effectiveness of HF.

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