MEG regeneration and injection unit regenerates aqueous MEG. The main goal of this unit is approaching desired MEG concentration whereas MEG loss via removed water is a big issue. Circulating glycol is polluted with Ca++ and Mg++ which forms carbonate scale and causes plugging of pipe lines, filters, lean/rich exchanger, still column packings and reboiler tube bundle and decreases their efficiency, consequently increases MEG loss via top product. Different alternatives exist according to similar experiences around the world. Using specific criteria and AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) method priority of these alternatives has been found. Results are as following:

  1. Increasing number of filters

  2. Using parallel filtration system

  3. Replacing charcoal filters in short periods

  4. Increasing flow rate in case of no operational problem

Considering all constrains, final recommendation includes improvement of operational conditions, regular cleaning of equipments and enhancing filtration system.

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