In September 2007 Remote Monitoring Centre (RMC) was established in NK Rosneft-Stavropolneftegaz, LLC, with the following functions:

  1. Operation monitoring of «golden» well stock:

    • Operation analysis of high-flow-rate well stock (Qoil = 20 Tones/day)

    • Organizing supply of supplementary information required - well flow testing, measuring data

    • Spot data check (well flow testing, measuring data, data from ESP control stations)

  2. Failure analysis of wells and activities development:

    • Daily cause analysis of failures

    • Supervision of equipment disassembly (commission review), data base maintenance for failure causes due to configuration

    • Activities development in order to increase time between failures for each failed well

  3. Designing ESP units

  4. Proposals on well operation business process reengineering, introduction of quality management system (TQM).

Reasons for establishing the Remote Monitoring Centre (RMC) are:

  • Geographical expansion;

  • Declining production and cost escalation;

  • Increasing staff shortage - competing for young people and limited number of experts;

  • Highly feasible potential of production increase, cost reduction owing to both, innovative technologies and improvement of business processes;

  • Inconsistency between organizational structures and production requirements for innovative technologies (reorganization is always late for application of new technologies).

Project Development Phases:

  1. Source information quality improvement (statistics collection and processing) - 3rd quarter, 2007, - 2" quarter, 2008.

  2. Visual problems representation by original software technology (RnWV) - 3rd quarter, 2008.

  3. Targeted activities aimed to operation efficiency improvement of artificial lift well stock (ideal equipment selection, abnormal wells, etc.) - 4th quarter, 2008.

Project's Novelty:

  • Integration of the Company's scientific and production potential;

  • Creating optimum equipment design selection algorithm based on complicating downhole factors (detailed design of equipment components).

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