In the modern world the development of informational technologies is going on at a breakneck pace.

Often the company that starts implementing them in the business earlier surpasses its competitors by far in all key indicators. Based on this, the decision to develop and deploy the state-of-the-art information technology in OFS subsidiaries was taken. This system was named INFORM.

INFORM system is a multi-functional intranet portal that stores and processes important operational information of OFS subsidiaries. INFORM consists of key sections, such as Drilling, Workover, Technical Maintenance and Repair, Quality Management System, Operational Forum, and Training Programs.

Thanks to INFORM, rig toolpushers can enter daily operations reports, and HQ managers can review operational performance at all wells based on these data. The portal has a great number of reference operational data, Field Operations Manuals, and the results of rig audits. The interactive map of Russia can show you the location of each rig and get the contact data of every toolpusher. All operational incidents in every subsidiary are stored in INFORM, so toolpushers have the opportunity to prevent them in their own crews. INFORM's Operational Forum has important operational issues discussed and information shared. The information contained in INFORM is Company's property: all TNK-BP users have the access to this site, while the operational data of INFORM is available only for the registered users.

So INFORM is the system we have designed to allow OFS to collect, organize and share knowledge which allowed for accelerating the process of decision making in OFS.

While implementing INFORM project team achieved next results:

  • Evaluated the availability and quality of communication channels at the rigs, In case no communication channels are available, they were built with the optimum capacity using satellite technologies

  • Purchased and installed the required server and computer equipment in the subsidiaries and rigs.

  • Held a tender among IT companies on the development of System according to TNK-BP and OFS standards

  • Developed the interface of the future portal

  • Entered all data into INFORM. Obtain data from the services: HSE, HR, Quality, Technology department, etc.


It's common knowledge that every commercial company strives at optimizing its business processes to minimize costs and maximize profit. Such optimizations take place during any operation of a business structure, it's an objective and normal evolutionary process. Subject to the economic or political conditions, the pace of the processes may be either slow, or fast, or they may come to a total ground still.

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