1. The eject devices have been known for a long time and are broadly used in various fields of technology for increasing the waste of low-pressure gas be way of mixing it with the steady flow of the high-pressure gas.

The ejectors as jet pumps are successfully used in the chemical, oil and gas industry, in the aero cosmic industry as well as in the technology of electrical stations. The simple design and high reliability of fluid ejectors allows them to meet various demands. Their production cost is minimal; they don't have rotating details and are therefore quite durable. They work without leakage; they don't need the technical testing and therefore have a high production safety. When the active gas has enough pressure the exploitation cost is not high.

In the oil and gas industry when a field is being developed the lowering of the debit of the boreholes is quite a negative phenomenon, especially at the final stage of the exploitation. This happens because of the fall of the layers pressure and the increasing of the water debit, which can bring about the self-stopping of the ?????????. To avoid these negative things one should switch on the low-pressure ????????? into the common gas storing network with the help of an ejector, in which the pressure of the low-pressure gas is increasing at the expense of the energy of a small waste of gas of the high pressure wells.

This allowed to get a considerable additional amount of gas for the already stopped ????????? at the Urengoi field. If you switch the ejector devices at earlier stages of the development of the fields the effect of its use can be much more considerable.

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