The article covers the main problems related to oil field designing process in Russia. Contemporary field development is characterized with new effective technologies and at the same time deterioration of current recoverable reserves structure, "ageing" of fields. The quality of design documents preparation under these circumstances is a very critical issue.

According to the Russian legislation FDP is the law mandatory for implementation by operating company. However the current state of the quality of design documents and efficiency of the design solutions implementation is far from being perfect. The main reasons are the following:

  • lack of efficiency in interaction of the state, oil companies and scientific centers during design documentation preparation process;

  • non-optimum use of geological and field information available, poor data quality;

  • issues with pay zones modeling and monitoring;

  • conflict of interests between business representatives (companies) and the state;

  • organizational issues with scientific centers activity (design institutes).

We need to take comprehensive approach to solve these not simple issues which require actions to be taken by all the interested parties (the state, oil company, design institution). The following actions are suggested as first steps:

  • ensure more rigid state control of the qualification of the specialists working in design institutions (for example, through licensing designing activity);

  • set more realists deviations of actual oil production from design volumes than they are now;

  • introduce special commission body in the state organization to estimate efficiency of physico-chemical technologies of oil recovery enhancement;

  • ensure mandatory determination of acceptable deviation range of the model before reservoir development modeling (depending on the complexity of issue and the quality of the input data);

  • provide the opportunity for oil companies to vary the list of wellwork types within the design period if the design principles for reservoir development are followed and final oil recovery factor is not less than the one planned in the FDP;

  • make technical training of the specialists one of the high priorities for design institution activity (the main focus should be made on standardization of technical knowledge and training process control).

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