Rosneft Oil Company actively develops its resource base and increases oil production. Therefore, great attention is focused on the development of geologically complicated oilfields. The Vankorskoye project that has major priority for Rosneft is a striking example of such fields.

To increase efficiency of oilfields development within Rosneft Oil Company a unified design system including all stages of development - from development prospects to development monitoring - has been created. Within the system a multidiscipline workgroup has been created for designing Vankorskoye oilfield development, which is able to react actively on new information and to adapt flexibly design solutions to the new conditions. Main results of this group are design solutions considering the application of new technologies and increasing sufficiently the development efficiency.

New technologies of field prospecting and modeling are widely applied in development of the Vankorskoye oilfield that allows designing field development and decreasing risks. An application of spectrum-velocity forecasting technology at the stage of seismic data interpretation allows defining exactly reservoir properties with a small number of exploration wells. Techniques of geo-stochastic modeling reflecting heterogeneity of reservoir properties are used in geological model building.

New technologies allowing increasing oil recovery, optimizing oil production rates and decreasing field development costs are used in project design. Use of gas re-injection provides decrease of environmental damage, maintenance of reservoir pressure and increase of oil recovery. Modern techniques of well construction and operation (horizontal wells with long horizontal length and intelligent completions) significantly increase field development effectiveness.

The article below describes base elements of the Vankorskoye oilfield design system, as well as the work results and prospective of sharing experience for other Company's field development.


Rosneft Oil Company actively develops its resource base and increases oil production; therefore, great attention is paid to development of oilfields with complex geology. The Vankorskoye project that is of major priority for Rosneft is a striking example of such fields.

The Vankorskoye field is located in Turukhan district, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Main obstacles for its development are remoteness from the existing surface infrastructure and oil transportation means, and the severe climate. Thus, efficiency of all exploration and development operations of this oilfield is a determining factor for project implementation.

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