To create oil field development projects, to make technological decisions for improved oil recovery of gas and oil Talakansky Field and to supply data for reservoir simulation it is necessary to have full and trustworthy information about model of reservoir filtration system.

To gain the goals the well test of inclined-directed and horizontal wells of Talakansky Field have been carried out and interpretation of the results have been made.

It is marked, that almost for the half of the wells the greatest level of concurrence of experimental and calculated pressure values and a logarithmic derivative is achieved by using of Warren-Root model. Zones with various types of collectors are allocated.

Moreover there are determined: presence of impenetrable boundaries on various distances from separate wells, display of a gas cap and distance up to it from various wells, presence of the fractures crossed with separate wells.

The received results specify and supplement the initial information on model of reservoir filtration system of Talakansky Field.

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