In this work we present the comparative analysis of uniform and non-unifrom upgridding techniques in combination with upscaling methods currently included in commercially available software. Also the efficiency of the new Streamlines-based upgridding method1  as one of the non-uniform upgridding technique was estimated. In the context of the project it was realized (coded). The effectiveness of these techniques is evaluated by their application to the revision process of the reservoir model of the part of "Kp" field of Western Siberia, Russia.

Considered reservoir is highly heterogeneous in vertical direction (permeability ranges from 0.01 to 500 mD). The existing geological model has low vertical resolution (about 1.3 m). The simuation model was upscaled by uniform simple (algebraic averaging) method.

The new geological model (finer in vertical direction) was constructed with the resolution closer to well logs. Several simulation models were constructed by the combined application of different upgridding and upscaling techniques. The model which was the most adequate to geocellular one was chosen.

After that the history matching of the chosen model was carried out. As a result of well done upscaling it was done easier and less time consuming in contrast to the previous model.

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