Well correlation is the key process while creating geological model of oil reservoirs for the fields having dense wells network and hence the process determines effectively all following steps of oil production.

The well correlation consists of mapping one well's intervals to another wells. It is a special case of one of the most complicated mathematical problem so called image recognition problem. The basic difficulty of automatic correlation of well intervals is the fact that in advance it is not known which stratigraphic horizons were kept unchanged in both wells and which are washed away or subject to other distortions.

This technical report shows opportunities of automatic well correlation procedure, as they developed in a software package "AutoCorr" and how these opportunities are used in oil deposits modeling. Continuous process of automatic modeling of oil reservoirs as it is carried out in a package is considered: loading initial data, detailed well correlation, loading geophysical interpretation results, fluids and gas contacts level determination, construction of geological profiles, maps, reserves evaluation and transition to three-dimensional geological modeling. The attention is given to a number of the important questions solved at automatic correlation: construction of wells plan triangulation, well pair correlation, correlation error estimation, transition from well pair's correlation to construction of the whole deposit detailed correlation scheme tracking high porosity intervals as ways of a fluids filtration, a parity of automatic and interactive methods of correlation.

It is noted in the paper that use of the offered automatic correlation changes, in comparison with traditional approaches, some essential aspects of work. The first is that requirements to quality of initial data increase. The second is that the volume of routine manual work during correlation is reduced because the basic attention is given the correlation in some complex areas and the significant part of work is carried out automatically. The third is that the volume of creative making work increases. Automatic well correlation gives opportunities for in-depth study of geological object, fast checking of various hypotheses layers behavior, inclusion in a structural skeleton of model of many additional details. The main positive results are better correlation result, greater productivity and more exact and detailed geological model.

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