Effective management of field development is based on daily routine engineering calculations and monitoring key performance indicators of production. At the same time it is recognized through the industry that there exists a gap between reservoir engineering and decision making process for real time reservoir management.

Whatever software one uses it will not be very useful if an engineer cannot get right input data in the proper format in time and manager is constrained in getting information for quick decision making.

Reservoir Engineering Production Optimization System is engineering information portal, which provides wide web based environment for production engineers and management of oil companies.

The system gives field data access such as well logs, core data, logs interpretation and perforation data, interactive cross sections, geological maps, PVT fluids properties, daily and monthly production, well stock information and well events.

Revolution approach is that portal provides an ability to perform standard engineering calculation from any place in corporate network. PVT correlation, well bottom-hole pressure and productivity calculations are few of them. It allows using only web browser to build log curves and well's IPR curves, to estimate artificial lift efficiency. It gives the opportunity to download data in standard software format and reduce data gathering time.

Portal presents basic collaboration environment features. News, forums, links, documents storage and engineering utilities build distributed collaborative environment and provide effective tools for knowledge management and dissemination company wide.

We believe that portal can add more value to the assets being properly tailored to specific needs of organization. This system is developed to enable robust and timely decision making for oil companies and is successfully implemented in one of them in Russia.


Whatmakesmanagementeffective? The core of the effective management is a robust process of decision making based on timely providing with right information to right people. Practice proves we spend 80 percent time for preparation as soon as only 20 percent action itself. The same happens with engineering calculations, where search for the needed data takes most of the time.

For systematic gathering and storing of information, corporative data banks are being developed and implemented which provide with data management of measurements from the fields.

For qualitative decision making many companies create multidisciplinary groups. It allows to unite the experience and knowledge of different specialists: geologists, production and reservoir engineers for effective field management. It is also importamt to create an environment for collaborative work [1].

Therefore, it is evident to organize the process of filling the data banks with different initial data and its validation for building the reservoir engineering and production optimization system, as well as provide the specialists and management with the easy access to the information.

Web based user interface for reaching the data is the most friendly and the most widely used nowdays. It is simple, one just needs a web browser and proper network connection in the internet or intranet.

For the last deacade there is a rapid growth of technologies which allow to create interactive services in the net. We can see as simple hypertext solutions HTML, which are the base of WWW, change to interactive technologies: CGI, Java Script, Java, AJAX. Together with growing success of WWW, interactive solutions become possible due to continuous growth of client stations performance.

The best examples of interactive web based applications are Google Earth and Gmail. At the same time Microsoft talks about the beginning of new age of "live" software. That is when you have the access to the word processor or paint editor via WWW.

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