Petroleum companies nowadays tend to increase oil production from low-permeability heterogeneous reservoirs. Commercial development of such difficult objects is possible with all modern stimulation methods involved including hydrofracturing. Decrease in flow friction near the wellbore and increase in filtration area as a result of fracturing lead to multiple increase in production well rates and injection well capacities. Besides recovery factor increases because of oil production from poor-drained zones and layers.

The purpose of this work was to estimate hydraulic fracturing efficiency by estimation of after fracturing well rate increase, by comparative analysis of well logging held before and after frac operation and by analyzing the well test. The task was to investigate factors of fracturing effectiveness. Also the principle of well selection for fracturing and their order in FDP was examined.

Data on Priobskoe and Krasnoleninskoe (Em-Egovskaya area) fields located in Western Siberia were used in this work.

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