This paper presents the results of an investigation concerning the development of a reliable and accurate technique for establishing the stabilized deliverability performance of multi-layer commingled systems using multi-rate production log measurements. Both linear and non-linear systems are addressed in this paper, providing a basis for the analysis of reservoirs exhibiting Darcy and non-Darcy flow, respectively.

Extension of the conventional Selective Inflow Performance analysis is also presented in this paper to obtain estimates of the formation and well completion properties such as effective permeability, radial flow steady state damage /stimulation skin effect, and non-Darcy flow coefficient. In the specific case where the deliverability performance of a vertically fractured well is considered, estimates of the effective fracture half-length and average fracture conductivity may be derived from the analysis. In cases where the multi-rate deliverability tests are performed under boundary dominated flow conditions, conventional deliverability analysis techniques may also be employed to derive estimates of the reservoir drainage area in addition to the well and reservoir parameters that can be obtained in a transient flow analysis. Applications of the analyses reported in this paper demonstrate the use of the analyses to evaluate the inflow performance measurements of commingled multi-layer reservoirs obtained using multi-rate production logs.


The analysis of the effect of a variable flow rate production history on the pressure transient performance of a well under Darcy flow conditions has conventionally been accomplished using the convolution of the varying flow rate and pressure history of the well to evaluate the transient performance. This relationship is presented in integral form in Eq. 1 and has been utilized for quite a long time1 in the analysis of the transient pressure behavior of oil and gas wells.

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