Betty is an oil field discovered in 1968 and produced since 1978. With the objective of rejuvenating the asset, a multidisciplinary optimization team was built. The standard practices for production enhancement opportunities include logging, nodal analysis and well engineering technologies. Usually, the older the field, the more challenging to achieve additional reserves. This paper outlines an integrated approach for achieving these opportunities, reducing the risk on oil recovery associated with the various enhancement initiatives. The objectives of this paper are to present (i) how using numerical simulation to support and improve the strategies for production enhancement opportunities identified by the standard screening exercises in a brown field and (ii) how to optimize redevelopment plan for maximum recovery.

First, several increased well production opportunities were identified based on the standard methodology. Then, to reduce uncertainties and risks associated with proposed activities, full field numerical simulation model was run and results were reconciled. This was followed by incorporation of the surface facility constraints to identify bottlenecks. The comparison between standard analysis and the new approach gave a more reliable platform for predicting field performance. Results also added valued information for optimizing further infill drilling targets. Lessons learned and recommendations for future development campaigns on other fields were established.

After 6 months of implementation and monitoring, the proposed initiatives have achieved some 13% increase in the total oil production; savings 14 MMUS$ by reducing the number of infill wells planned, and creating an additional ultimate oil recovery of 4.98 MMstb. In the future, implementation of all opportunities will produce sufficient information for optimizing infill drilling and work-over campaigns on Betty Field.

The application of this innovative approach to brownfields helped identifying new opportunities, which have been a key factor in the rejuvenating Betty Field.

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