Field production monitoring problems in Russia are not related only to procedures; they also concern managerial issues. Usually there is no special department within an oil company that would interpret the well-test and production-logging results for their further use for production enhancement. "Sibneft" company is a rare exception where the results of all surveys are processed and interpreted in a specific department which constitutes a part of the company's structure and controls the well testing and production logging activities. The problems related to the well testing and production logging techniques are basically due to difficulties inherent to the production of residual reserves. Conventional well testing and PLT methods are poorly conclusive when applied in reservoirs with low permeabilities and poor producers with high watercuts. Sibneft implements therefore the welltest procedures that involve long swabbing stage followed by downhole well shut-in as well as long lasting welltests using memory remote control gauges including pressure gauges run into the well at the pump inlet. Stand-alone gauges such as pressure, temperature, spinners and watercut gauges are used for monitoring commingled production. Global technology for permeability adjustment based on logging, well testing, production logging and production data was worked out in Sibneft. Thus, 3D permeability cubes were generated for the most of the reservoirs and matched to the well-testing history; the relative distributions of flow properties being derived from log data. Problem of monitoring of the flow composition in the wells producing multiphase liquids and especially the horizontal wells is still poorly solved in Russia.

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