This paper presents results of utilizing "Induced Stress Diversion" (ISD) to fracture stimulate multiple pay sands in the Natural Buttes Field of Uintah County, Utah. Historically, these multiple pay sands have been stimulated with the Limited Entry technique. To a lesser degree, some wells have been stimulated in stages using positive isolation. The decision to try "Induced Stress Diversion" (ISD) was made to combine the economies of the limited entry technique with the superior production results expected of a staged completion. The technique involves pumping multiple flacs in a well relying on the Induced Stress imparted by the first fracture stimulation to divert the subsequent frac into the desired zone (i.e. no positive isolation).

The ISD technique has worked well in many instances to date. This is especially notable because the majority of wells thus far have been done without consistent attempts to close the fracture prior to commencing the next fracture stage. To allow the technique to have wider application, emphasis is currently directed at improved methods of inducing screenout. Based on initial results, the technique appears to have wide application and could improve the economics of developing multiple-pay reservoirs.

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