This paper presents several production data analysis case histories. The primary purpose of this work is to illustrate the practical application of advanced production data analysis methods in low permeability gas reservoirs. Production data provide important information about reservoir quality and volume and the stimulation effectiveness. The analysis results can provide estimates for permeability-thickness product, skin factor or fracture half-length, gas in place, and drainage area. Pressure transient information can also be integrated with production data analysis to further characterize the reservoir.

Practical applications of production data analysis results include estimating short- and long-term production rates, estimating reserves, designing/evaluating stimulation (and restimulation) treatments, predicting and evaluating production increases from changes in flowing well pressure (plunger-lift and compressor installations), determining infill well potential and optimal well spacing, and identifying natural fracture and/or layered behavior. We will show examples of the above applications using actual field data. New type curves were also used in this work to analyze difficult datasets and to provide a starting point for more sophisticated history-matching methods. The final portion of this paper will include recommendations for field data collection and database utilization.

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