The technical and economic benefits of integrating different information sources is well founded. It is important that drilling, well completion, and production personnel be included in such task forces if optimal information gathering is to be accomplished. The pulling together of people and data from several information disciplines, and utilizing individual strengths, while learning to accept specific weaknesses as such, leads to a cooperative team effort in resolving difficult reservoir characterizations.


As our proven oil and gas resources diminish. and new sources become more difficult to find and produce, technology in virtually every inflation discipline has demonstrated dramatic advances. Despite the technical improvements, there are many cases where individual disciplines continue to achieve only marginal success. Too much impetus is directed toward self-promotion of a particular information discipline, and too often competitive disciplines are criticized for their particular weaknesses.

Combining the attributes and strengths of different disciplines, and recognizing where each have inherent weaknesses leads to much more accurate analysis of subsurface real estate. When petroleum reservoirs are found with fewer exploration wells. and when accurate analysis of all the available information is utilized to appraise and describe newly discovered reservoirs, oil company economics is drastically improved. Case histories show:

- the positive aspects of using both seismic and borehole data to establish the size and location of a potential reservoir.

- the use of well logs, seismic, and borehole seismic methods to define the size. shape. and internal characteristics of a newly discovered reservoir, and

- the capability of planning and implementing the most economical and technical extraction of discovered reserves. Total integration of both surface and borehole data and personnel is cost-effective and leads to more effective reservoir evaluation. Effectiveness of information gathering is enhanced when drilling, well completion, and production personnel are made aware of the difficulties some procedures cause for the different information-gathering disciplines. Reconciling procedures before a problem arises is beneficial for all.

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