The Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer, ASP, process can significantly enhance waterfloods for appropriate reservoirs using carefully designed, reservoir specific, chemical injection strategies. This ASP technology recovers waterflood residual oil by reducing the capillary . forces trapping the oil and improving the overall contact efficiency. The Minnelusa formation in the Powder River Basin was the location of the first field-wide application of this process in the U.S. An assessment of this early project nearing the end of its economic life and of other ongoing ASP projects provides an estimate of the potential of the ASP process to add reserves in other Minnelusa fields.

Analysis of approximately 120 Minnelusa oil fields in the Powder River Basin indicates that the total original stock tank oil in place exceeds one billion barrels. The potential incremental oil recovery of the ASP process to these fields approaches 130 million barrels. This process can be applied at an incremental cost of $1.60 -$3.50/bbl.

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