This paper demonstrates our methodology and capabilities for effective on-site real-time analysis, re-design and execution of hydraulic fracturing treatments. This unique technology has been developed over many years of research and development, sponsored primarily by the Gas Research Institute (GRI). Ten years of field implementation in the stimulation of gas- and oil-well production have led to conclusions and recommendations which involve major changes from conventional concepts about hydraulic fracturing. Most of our recommendations are relatively simple, low-cost procedures for adequate data collection, such as the use of flow-rate changes and/or multiple injection/shut-in cycles for stringent model evaluation of recorded data. Proper implementation of our recommendations is demonstrated by a case study in a commercial field situation, where the fracture treatment was drastically redesigned as a result of on-site analysis, and executed on the same day. This job showed that treatment cost/benefit optimization can be achieved by careful on-site analysis and more flexible field execution schedules.

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