This study defines and investigates the Hydraulic Interwell Connectivity (HIC) concept to characterize and estimate the reservoir connectivity. This approach is an integrated study of reservoir characterization, geostatistics, production performance and reservoir engineering. In this study HIC is quantitatively defined as the ratio of observed fluid flow rate to a maximum possible (ideal) flow rate between any combination of any two wells in the producing unit. The spatial distribution of HIC was determined for the net pay of a reservoir by geostatistics. It was used as a guide for selecting infill well locations to optimize waterflood infill drilling. A low permeability carbonate reservoir producing unit, J.L. Johnson "AB" was used to illustrate the application of HIC. In simulation study, three production wells 27, 107 and 109 were realigned according to HIC distribution which resulted in an additional 10% (10,000 STB) of waterflood oil recovery.

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