Interference tests provide valuable information about reservoir characteristics such as areal average transmissivity, storativity, and degree of communication between wells. Due to the larger radius of influence and larger contact area of a horizontal well with the formation than its vertical counterpart, the transmissivity and storativity obtained from interference testing of horizontal wells would be much more representative of the formation than the ones obtained from interference testing of vertical wells.

This paper provides the dimensionless pressure drop and dimensionless pressure derivative type curves for interference testing of horizontal wells and the appropriate equations to be used in conjunction with the type curves in order to determine transmissivity and storativity from field data. Solutions were also obtained for interference testing between horizontal and vertical wells. The deviation of this solution from the exponential integral solution is explained. Dimensionless time and dimensionless distance criteria is established for a particular set of dimensionless parameters to explain this deviation. Guidelines are given for interference test design.

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