This paper describes a research project that was undertaken to develop an enhanced completion method. The criteria for the method was to have a procedure which was capable of perforating, fracturing, and propping in a very short period of time, i.e., on the order of a few seconds at most. A downhole energy generating device was developed which creates gas at high pressure for the Initial fracture. The control of this device is crucial to a successful completion. A means to store potential energy in the vicinity of the zone to be fractured was found in the form of a column of compressed sand-laddened foam. This foam provides from 90 to 95% of the total energy dissipated into the zone to be fractured. A computer code was developed to predict the pressure history of the material within the well bore during the procedure. A second computer code was developed which calculates the fracture volume and weight of sand injected into the fracture. Finally, a test was performed to check the operational procedures, reliability of the ignition sequence, and gas generation capability of the gas generating device.

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