A research study has been performed to improve the formation evaluation and reservoir description of the Frontier Formation located in the Green River Basin of southwestern Wyoming. Results of this study are presented which include the integration of data from an extensive wireline logging program, a comprehensive core analysis program, and well test production performance from two wells completed in the Frontier formation. Features of several core analysis techniques are reviewed which were used to determine more accurately the ¡η-situ porosity, water saturation, permeability and producibility from logs. This includes correcting core water saturation for mud filtrate invasion, correcting porosity and permeability to net overburden stress, and comparing core data and log responses to quality control the laboratory core analyses. Log derived lithology was calibrated to that determined from cores using thin section point count and x-ray diffraction analysis. The log evaluation model, which was calibrated to core porosity, uses porosity and saturation exponents derived from electrical property measurements on cores. A preliminary log derived permeability relationship has been developed and compared to that obtained from production well tests.

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