The exploration and development strategy can be strengthened with improved understanding of reservoir characteristics. For this purpose, the characteristics of low-permeability gas reservoirs in the Arkoma basin are examined in this paper by analyzing 75 wells in a seven county area. The study area covers portions of Crawford, Franklin, Logan, and Sebastian Counties in Arkansas, as well as, Latimer, Leflore and Haskell Counties in Oklahoma. The examined reservoir characteristics included a geological background, reservoir fluid and rock properties, formation evaluation, and production performance.

Of the three types of reservoirs classified in this paper, i.e. (I) relatively high porosity/high permeability, (II) relatively low porosity/low permea-bility, and (III) relatively high poro-sity/low permeability, Type III reservoirs are the most difficult to characterize because of a dual porosity system in the sand-stone matrix. The matrix pore system is primarily composed of varying amounts of intergranular and dissolution porosities. How to characterize this type of reservoir is the main effort of this paper.

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