This study presents the exact semi-analytical dimensionless pressure derivative solutions of transient pressure in naturally fractured reservoirs with pseudosteady state and transient stat interporosity flows. Integration by part technique was used to obtain in Laplace space dimensionless pressure derivative solutions which were used to generate new type curves. The type curves are dimensionless pressure derivative and dimensionless pressure-pressure derivative functions.

Dimensionless pressure-pressure derivative type curves are easier to use than existing type curves for transient pressure analysis of natural fractured reservoirs because they require only horizontal sliding to obtain matching.

Some of the type curves were used to analyze and interpret published field examples of transient pressure data. The results of the analyses show good agreement with published results. The validity of both our results and the published results were varified by using them, as well as the given rock and fluid properties, to simulate transient pressures for the duration of the test periods. Comparison of the closeness of simulated pressures with given pressures provides a level of confidence in the models and type curves used for data analysis and interpretation.

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