To increase productivity of a three zone, shot, open hole completion, a "PUDDLE-PACK" has been successfully completed and all three zones individually stimulated. MCA Unit #103, located in Southeast New Mexico, experienced a 2.75 fold production increase after "PUDDLE-PACK" completing and hydraulically fracturing two San Andres intervals and acidizing one Grayburg interval.

The first attempt to hydraulically fracture the lower San Andres zone failed. As a result of the failure to hydraulically fracture the bottom San Andres "PUDDLE-PACK" completed interval, mechanical property and perforation tests were performed on the resin fill material used in the "PUDDLE-PACK" completion process. After analyzing the test data, corrective remedial operations were designed. These remedial adjustments allowed the two San Andres "PUDDLE-PACK" completed intervals to be successfully hydraulically fractured.

This paper describes in detail, the need for selective stimulation of MCA Unit #103, one initial remedial operation, the resin coated gravel fill material mechanical properties testing results, the resin coated gravel fill test perforating results, the remedial operation changes required to hydraulically fracture a "PUDDLE-PACK" completed well, and a complete evaluation of well performance.

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