Recently developed fluid technology incorporated with a limited entry perforation design has proved to be an effective alternative in stimulating low-yield secondary reservoirs. Three benches within the Niobrara Formation have been identified as a secondary source of hydrocarbons in existing wells. Through a comprehensive study on core extracted from the Niobrara Formation, a precisely engineered technique of simultaneously stimulating the complete three zones or a combination of these three zones has been successfully implemented.

Further extrapolations from original design work include stimulation of the complete Niobrara and Codell Formations. Early evidence has suggested a design success. Evaluation of this most recent treatment is still in a data-acquiring mode. If proved valid, implications are suggesting a greater reduction in costs of stimulating these secondary reservoirs.

Presented within the following paper are associated problems of fluids and formation characteristics of the Niobrara Formation. Also included are production data for before and after the treatment. A representative job-design discussion of Niobrara and Niobrara-Codell Formations is outlined.

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