This paper presents a case history of a MHF-treatment on a deep gas well, situated in the North-German Ostfriesland area. From core analysis the gas-bearing formation was proven to be extremely water-sensitive. In consequence it was essential to eliminate any water content in the treating fluid, so an oil-based gel system had to be selected. To face the BHST of 270 °F (132 °C) high temperature stability of the treating fluid was required. However, the BHST was above the working limit of the gel and consequently a large cool-down pre-pad was necessary. The physical qualities of the base fluid and the rheological properties of the prepared gel system will be described. A description of the frac-design will be followed by the operation history. The use of a hydrocarbon-based treatment fluid combined with a low draw-down concept in the clean-up period resulted in an excellent back-flow performance of the treating fluid. Fracture half-length and fracture flow capacity were deduced from a post-frac pressure build-up.

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