The Altamont area in Utah produces one of the highest wax content crudes anywhere in the world. These high pour point and hard to handle crude oils are an even tougher problem because of their location in a geographical area subject to very low ambient temperatures. Millions of dollars are spent each year heating these crudes in order to expedite their production and transportation. Crude oil samples from the area have been tested using a variety of techniques. Paraffin deposition, viscosity, cloud point, pour point, yield values, wax extraction and GLC tests have been conducted in order to characterize the crude oil samples. The effects of various chemical additives were then analyzed using the same tests. The effective paraffin inhibitors not only reduced the quantity of wax deposited, but dramatic shifts in molecular weight range and configuration were also apparent. GLC data indicates that effective chemical structures all reduced the quantity of C40-50 molecu1-ar weight waxes contained in the resulting paraffin deposits.

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