The Canyon Sands of Central Texas have been exploited by air-drilling techniques since the mid-1950's, and the activity level has increased because of tight gas prices and the prospect of eventual deregulation. This paper introduces a new approach to air-hole interpretation which combines old and new techniques and provides additional information for the exploitation of this area.

The Canyon Sands are characterized by low permeabilities, high clay content, and small amounts of water production. Previous methods of evaluation include an FDC* Density/CNL* Neutron log and a Temperature survey.

Advances have been made in establishing an accurate neutron porosity, and the addition of an Induction log has allowed a Three-Perm Coriband* log to be computed. The Audio* log is run in combination with the Induction log to confirm temperature anomalies and to find previously overlooked gas entries.

This suite of logs ensures better treatment and, therefore, greater production. Well stimulation and design are further enhanced by Producibility logs. The overall air-hole package is the most up-to-date wireline method for the interpretation of air-drilled gas wells.

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