A comparative survey of over 30 blanket-geometry tight gas sandstones in 16 sedimentary basins was prepared for the Gas Research Institute. For each stratigraphic unit a uniform set of information was obtained on general attributes, economic factors, geologic parameters of the basin and the formation, reservoir engineering data, and operating conditions. Each tight gas reservoir was considered within a sedimentary framework of associated lithogenetic facies that make up a depositional system. In contrast to lenticular sandstones, which are primarily fluvial deposits, blanket-geometry tight gas sandstones were deposited as deltaic, barrier strandplain, and shelf systems. The reservoir geometry resulting from the deposition of blanket sandstones is expected to mitigate selected reservoir engineering problems associated with tight gas sand development. Results of this survey are being utilized in a more detailed study, now underway, which will ultimately lead to the selection of two prospective field test areas, possibly consisting of individual stratigraphic units, geologic basins, or depositional systems.

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