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The Bell Creek Field consists of six Muddy Sand reservoirs unitized as six units. A line drive water flood from the west edge of each reservoir has been in operation since 1970. oil production in November 1974 was 26,000 BPD. Cumulative production to December 1974 was 66.9 million barrels of oil. Tertiary recovery by a micellar process is under active consideration.


The Bell Creek Field is located sixty miles north of Gillette, Wyoming, in Townships 8 and 9 South, Range 53, 54 and 55 East, Powder River and Carter Counties, Montana, as shown on Figure 1. The field is fifteen miles long and three and one-half miles wide, and consists of six secondary recovery units encompassing 17,000 productive acres, containing 305 active producing and injection wells. The current 26,000 BOPD rate accounts for nearly one-third of the oil production in the State of Montana.


The field was discovered June 4, 1967, by Exeter Drilling on a farm-out from Samuel Gary. The discovery well, 33-1 Federal-McCarrel, located in the NE1/4NE1/4 of Section 33, Township 8 south, Range 54 East, was completed for an initial pumping potential of 230 BOPD from perforations at 4524 to 4537 feet.

The Montana oil and Gas Commission designated forty-acre spacing for Bell Creek which resulted in drilling and completion of 405 oil wells and 10 gas wells. The average depth of a Bell Creek well is 4500 feet.

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